Evil Intelligence, Evil Thinking, Just One Button To Click Then…………..BOOM…………..All Finished. COMING SOON In 2020

Black Briefcase The Nuclear Trigger, is the second part of Dajjal Film Series.
Film is bases on Worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group, they are leading the world into the “Nuclear War” but a young boy and his group initiates a peacekeeping program “Save Humanity Program” (SHP) to protect the world from the ancient plan of global extermination, they are determined to change the world and fight against the Followers of Dajjal.

The concept and aim to making series of these movies is to show why and how the chosen people started conspiracies thousands of years ago and how reached its first climax with the proclamation of in 1948 and a second climax is now ongoing to shaping Middle East Crises where they are killing Muslims by Muslims and making ally an enemy. To reaching its climax they are dominating every aspect of industry from banking, to manufacturing, to the media, as well as such national institutions as government and education. They have manipulated to transform the governments into a massive weapons production centre and buyers, or as has been termed, a Military-Industrial-Complex.

Film Releasing Date:    :    2020
Based On    :   Nuclear War
Director    :   Rana Abrar
Production Company   :   WBJ Media
Animation Studio   :   Messenger2050