08 July 2018 By WBJ Media

Indian Influence on Burhan Wani’s life film “Son of Kashmir Burhan”

India Exposed: India has been influencing on Burhan Wani’s life film “Son of Kashmir: Burhan”

‘Son of Kashmir: Burhan’ is an upcoming Pakistani animated film based on the issue for the freedom of Kashmir, featuring “Burhan Wani” to give innovative strength to the Kashmir liberation movement.

The teaser was released on December 28 2017 on the film official YouTube account, which was later suspended by the Indian lobby, but now the teaser is now available on our production company "WBJ Media" YouTube account.


The teaser has received positive reaction by Pakistani's . But much to Indians disappointment, their reaction had been outrages and almost laughable. These are few reaction of India upon seeing the first teaser of the film.

But much to Indians disappointment, their reaction had been outrages and almost laughable. These are few reaction of India upon seeing the first teaser of the film.

Now, this is expensive and very high-grade propaganda which is being done by Pakistan, shameful to say the least” – said CNNnews18 India on 30 December 2017
…to imagine the kind of relation Pakistan intents to have with India, it’s certainly going to rock the battle down there” – said Mufti Islah on 30 December

Pakistan is trying to make him a hero by releasing a propaganda film called Burhan The Son of Kashmir”
– said CNNnews18 on 31 December 2017

Indian Politician leaders Reaction

– Braining washing for Kids terror – NewsX India on 1st January 2018

Vtv Gujarati News India on 1st January 2018

In next to no time Indian lobby took an action and tried their best to control the influence of the film on social media.

The teaser of the film was removed from YouTube and official account of the film was suspended under the pressure from Indian lobby, but their cheap acts didn’t stop the Pakistani’s as lot of YouTubers had uploaded the teaser and it widespread quickly on Social Media.

They had also taken down the official Facebook Page of the film on May 14 2018, without so much of explaining why.

Also Wikipedia page of Son of Kashmir Burhan (2019 film) has been removed at first but was later created again.

Only this time they couldn’t remove it so the Indians had been on an edit war on the page. An account name ‘Abhisheek4268’ has been changing the name from “Son of Kashmir: Burhan” to “Terrorist of Kashmir: Burhan”, who was later blocked due to vandalism.

Another account named Shirkan654 who seemed to be a fake account of some Administrator has been changing the film plot persistently, stating Burhan Wani a terrorist. Account Abbas45Abdul who has been fixing it, requested Shirkan654 to be stopped, but the tables turned and Abbas45Abdul was blocked instead and also the creator of the page Suhail Khan pk was also blocked.

But later the page was reviewed by a Wikipedia Administrator who put full protection on the page saying “one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter” and that this film is on controversial topic and promotes Burhan in the virtuous viewpoint and urge to keep propose neutral, balanced language.

However even though the page had been put on ‘Full Protection’, no action was taken against the Indians vandalism-only account Shirkan654 who again changed the plot stating Burhan Wani a terrorist.

These acts show how India is terrified by this film and desperately does what they can to make sure the film to not reach the audience in the light of righteous.

The story main point is to prove that Kashmiri Mujahedeen are Freedom Fighters, Not Terrorists, They acts on behalf of their people to ensure that they get their freedom and ‘Kashmir will be liberated and they'll get rid of this cancer'

It’s not just for sake of Wikipedia, YouTube or Facebook, If this is Indian media influence on just a movie how can we support Kashmir movement issue to show the world of how India oppresses the people in Kashmir?
We argue everyone to support us on Social Media and help us to show them that they cannot stop us from showing the world who Burhan Wani really was.

However Pakistani media has been sleeping and the only news channel in Pakistan to encourage the film was Abb Takk news channel.

Rana Abrar said in a tweet that, “they (Indian lobby) cannot stop us from supporting the Kashmiri freedom movement.”

He also said that the team would go on and complete the film “As Soon As Possible”.